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About Rana Imran

I am in the field of construction since 1996. I have spent most precious years of my life in improving concrete production, durability and serviceability. My field of specialization is construction chemicals. I have represented prominent companies in this field in Pakistan.

At the early stage of my career, I was trained and developed as a professional to coordinate with material engineers. I have been directly involved for concrete’s trial mixes to get the targets of strength, workability, finishing, texture and durability by suggesting the appropriate concrete admixtures, curing compounds and mold release agents.

A few years later I was also trained for using concrete repair products, epoxy injections, PU injections, cementitious & epoxy grouts, cementitious & epoxy mortars, waterproofing products, expansion joint sealants, epoxy & PU flooring, building paints, road marking paints, PU anti-skid products, road safety materials and products etc. With the passage of time I also got aware of termite proofing, rat control, fumigation, insect killings and heat insulation materials.

Working on different projects for different problems has made me capable of creating methodologies and precautions for the use of above said materials. Working in different companies and organizations has made me capable to compare different products offered as the solutions for the same problem. Working in different regions of Pakistan did provide me chance to see the beautiful landscape of my country. It made me social with better awareness of different cultures, languages, communities and weather conditions.

Besides sales & marketing as my prime job, materials & ware house management, project planning, progress & pace monitoring, purchasing, administration, and production management are the extra skills which I have learnt through my career.

I did achieve my targets by inducting and training new talents as a team leader rather than as a boss.